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Tips For Sex in the Car

Whether you think it's sexy to get it on in the backseat of your boyfriend's car or it's the only private place you can find because you both live with roommates, it can be a little awkward. So here are some tips to make your automobile makeout session as comfy and pleasurable as possible:

  • Park in a secluded area. No, I'm not saying you should drive to some sketchy parking lot or abandoned factory; just choose a place that's private so you don't have to worry about unexpected people walking by and disturbing your alone time.
  • Bring a blanket along so you can lay it on the seat. Not only will it make you feel more like you're at home in a real bed, but it'll also prevent your skin from sticking to the seats if they're made of leather. It's also nice to bring another blanket or sheet along in case you get cold or if you need to cover yourself up quickly (just in case your secluded place is not secluded enough!).
  • Have your birth control ready, if you need it. Stopping to put on a condom tends to put a hold on the mood anyway, but it'll be even worse if you have to stop and look around to figure out where they are. So before you start getting busy, put the condoms in the backseat pocket or in the side door.
  • Make a CD or playlist on your iPod of romantic tunes to play. This may help to get you in the mood and may make you feel less like you're in a car.


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