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Naples, Italy is still in the midst of a garbage crisis. Thanks to mafia control of the waste-management system, mixed with government incompetence, 200,000 tons of piled waste sits in the southern Italian city.

Last December, garbage collectors stopped picking up trash, as there was nowhere to put it. Last week, outgoing Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi said the trash will be gone by May as a result of new dumps and the creation of three incinerators. May! Naples reached an agreement with a German waste-management company and piles of garbage will be sent to Germany to be burned.

According to Greenpeace, incinerators will result in irreversible environmental damage. If fact, schools have been forced to close a few days, as the smell from festering trash made it unsafe for children to go outside.

Check out the video above of Vespas floating in a sea of trash, narrated in beautiful Italian. You're safe from the stench on this side of the camera. How do you say recycle in Italian?


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