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Too Close For Comfort?

Dear Sugar
I recently broke up with my boyfriend of two years but we have been able to remain good friends. Truth be told I was in the friend zone for the last six months of our relationship. I've always been friends with his roommate and since the breakup, we've been spending a lot of time together. The attraction is undeniable but nothing has happened between us.

My ex knows we still keep in touch, but is unaware of the extent of our relationship. The more time we spend together, the more I like him. Do you think that I should keep my feelings to myself or speak my mind and potentially get between a friendship? I am afraid if I keep mum to protect my ex's feelings, I would be missing out on a chance for love. Please help. Torn Tabitha

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Dear Torn Tabitha
It looks like you have found yourself in quite a love triangle. Falling for someone so close to home can happen very easily, but can also be very destructive. Ask yourself if pursuing this relationship will be worth it in the long run as feelings are bound to get hurt.

Are you truly interested in the roomie or do you think that maybe you are taking a liking to him because he is available and you are single and a bit lonely? There is a reason why you are feeling guilty and hesitant to take the next step with your ex's roommate.

Trust your instincts and don't act hastefully. If you feel very strongly about pursuing this relationship, I would talk to your ex before you make a move. Since you dated for two years, you obviously care a great deal about him. There is no telling where you can find love, and sometimes it's right there in front of you.

If your ex gives you the green light, then go ahead but remember to be mindful of his feelings. Seeing you together could be very uncomfortable at first, so please take things slow and let him get used to the idea that his ex and his friend are now an item. Good luck.

Luna13 Luna13 10 years
yeah me too but just to add, i think u should stop seeing the roommate and concentrate on yourself for a while, go out meet new people. I think u are falling for him cos your vunrable and he is there. Back off real soon and u will for yourself that he is just a rebound guy
Beautifulbarbie Beautifulbarbie 10 years
I agree with DearSugar.
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