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Dear Sugar
There is this guy who I go to school with that I really like, but I can't even seem to talk to him because I am so shy. I get embarrassed just by looking at him. What can I do to get his attention and go out with him? Shy Sheryl

Dear Shy Sheryl
You've got to get up the courage to go and talk to him. Unless you become prom queen, the school's top athlete or invent the next best thing to cafeteria food, you are probably just blending into the crowd. Does he have any idea at all that you like him? Do you have any classes with him? Check out some of these other posts by DearSugar readers: Shy Girl on Campus, Work Hottie and Gym Jitters. Hopefully these will help. They've all got similar problems as you do. It's going to take confidence for you to approach him. Practice what you are going to say to a friend and see how it goes. Start by just flirting with him over the next few days. Smile at him when he passes by and see what happens when you can catch his eye.

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