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A while back, I told you about the different types of fetishes people have when it comes to sex. There's media (which has to do with how something feels), form (which has to do with the shape of something or how it looks), and animate (anything having to do with human body parts). There are tons of specific fetishes that fall into those categories, so let's check out which ones ranked the highest according to Just to remind you, a fetish is characterized as an obsession, not just something you are attracted to. If a person has a fetish involving one of the things listed below, it means that she needs to think about or see that thing to get aroused.

Here are five of the top 10 fetishes:

10. Stomachs: Who can resist a soft, toned, and lean belly, right? Well some guys with this fetish may have a thing about ejaculating onto a woman's belly.

9. Body piercings: Younger people (18 to 35) tend to be into this. Piercings in the nose, navel, nipple, eyebrow, lip, or tongue are a must for people with this fetish. Feeling or seeing the cold metal is a huge turn on.

Are you curious to see the rest? Then

8. Leather, rubber, vinyl, latex: These kinds of material give a person the persona that they're "bad." You know, that they're the kind of person your parents warned you never to get involved with. For some people, it's exciting to be doing something with someone that you're not supposed to.

7. Domination and submission: This may come as a surprise, but more often it's women who dominate and men who are submissive. I guess women like to order their men around in the bedroom because it makes them feel strong and powerful, and men enjoy having someone take control and tell them what to do.

6. Feet and hands: Just like in that Sex and the City episode, apparently lots of people have a thing for toes or fingers. People love to touch, kiss, lick, or even suck these parts, and for some, they won't date a person with ugly feet or hands.

There are five more fetishes from the top 10 list, so stay tuned to hear the rest tomorrow!


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