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Top News Stories 2008-03-18 07:00:13

Front Page: Dalai Lama Might Quit, 52 Dead in Iraq, Florida

  • Moments ago, the Dalai Lama said he would resign as leader of Tibet’s government-in-exile if his stepping down would help quell the violence erupting in Tibetan protests. Earlier, the Chinese government blamed the Dalai Lama for orchestrating the demonstrations. Saying that he would stand behind only nonviolent quests for greater Tibetan autonomy, the Dalai Lama criticized China pointedly indicating that though they had met three out of four conditions to be a “superpower” — the world’s largest population, military prowess, and a fast-developing economy — he said, "Fourth, moral authority, that’s lacking.”
  • The death toll in yesterday's bombing in Karbala has risen to 52. The bomb exploded near the shrine of Imam Hussein, a pilgrimage centre for Shia Muslims, and is thought to have been detonated by a female suicide bomber. Overshadowing Vice President Dick Cheney's visit to Iraq, the incident was the deadliest of a number of recent violent attacks in which at least 78 Iraqis have died. Officials suspect al-Qaeda insurgents were responsible for the the bombing which occurred 50 miles south of Baghdad, but no group has stepped forward.
  • Florida has abandoned its plans for a mail-in primary reprise. Florida's Democratic Party said yesterday it would no longer advocate for a rerun of the state's invalid primary election and leave the decision on Florida's delegates up to the national party. Thousands of voters have sent in messages expressing this preference, leading the chairwoman of the Florida Democratic Party to say, "The consensus is clear: Florida doesn't want to vote again. So we won't."
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