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Top News Stories 2008-04-29 06:47:41

Front Page: Tornadoes in VA, Militants Killed in Sadr City, UN Food Task Force

  • Tornadoes in VA: Three tornadoes raced through southern Virginia yesterday afternoon, leaving more than 200 people hurt. One of the twisters left a 25-mile path of destruction. A man who works for a tree removal service and had been out for hours trying to clear the roads said, "it's just a bunch of broken power poles, telephone lines and sad faces.'" About 3,000 residents remain without power. Gov. Tim Kaine has declared a state of emergency in some areas. He will be touring the hardest hit regions today.
  • Militants Killed in Sadr City: The US military reports that at least 28 militants have been killed during battles in the Sadr City area of Baghdad. Intensified fighting between militants loyal to Shia cleric Muqtada al Sadr and US and Iraqi forces in the Iraqi capital sparked after militia members attacked coalition positions Sunday during a sandstorm. Last week Muqtada al Sadr instructed his supporters that they should continue "resisting" the US "occupation" of Iraq, but they should not fight Iraqis.
  • UN Food Task Force: United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is setting up a task force to tackle the global food crisis. Blaming soaring food prices, Ban said the world faces "widespread hunger, malnutrition and social unrest on an unprecedented scale." The first priority to get food to the hungry is to close this year's $755 million funding gap for the UN's World Food Programme (WFP). He urged countries pledging money to make the funds available now. The WFP believes 100 million people currently don't have enough food.
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