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Top News Stories 2008-06-25 06:56:10

Front Page: KY Workplace Shooting, Divers Pull Bodies From Typhoon, Mortgage Aid Could Pass

  • KY Workplace Shooting: An employee at a plastics plant in Kentucky opened fire after an argument, leaving six dead including the shooter. The CEO says the killings are just a "total shock." The incident began when an employee began arguing with a supervisor around midnight — he then shot the supervisor before opening fire in a break room. The plant employs around 150 people and makes plastic siding for homes.

  • Divers Pull Bodies From Typhoon: 100 divers search the wreckage of the capsized Philippine ferry, finding no additional survivors yet. When the seven-story ferry sunk in less than a half-hour during a powerful typhoon, the 800 passengers had little time to prepare, but the transportation undersecretary says she's hoping for "a miraculous air pocket somewhere in the ship." Only 62 of the 800 passengers have been found alive. The shipwreck could raise the typhoon's death toll to more than 1,300, with 329 people confirmed dead from flooding and landslides and more than 200 still missing.
  • Mortgage Aid Could Pass: The US Senate could pass a mortgage aid plan as soon as today. The massive foreclosure rescue bill cleared a key Senate test yesterday by an 83-9 margin, with both parties eager to help homeowners. The plan would let the Federal Housing Administration back $300 billion in new, low-cost home loans for about 400,000 distressed borrowers who would be considered too financially risky to qualify for government-insured, fixed-rate loans. Though it could pass vote today, President Bush is threatening a veto and Democrats are still fighting each other over key details, possibly delaying any final deal until mid-July.
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raciccarone raciccarone 9 years
I work at a gun shop so if someone does "go postal", man, it's going to be world class.
yesteryear yesteryear 9 years
gigill: don't you remember the term "going postal"? workplace shootings are nothing new. i agree that this has to do with access to guns - i doubt kentucky has strict gun laws.
nateshatesh nateshatesh 9 years
People are not safe anywhere can go to work and try to make a living or go to school to get an education without fearing for your life. That's so crazy!
piper23 piper23 9 years
I totally agree about the mortgage bailout. And as for the gun issue, I don't carry a gun but if I had one on me and happen upon a lunatic beating his baby to death, I'm pretty sure I would unload every bullet I had on me into that waste of space.
UnDave35 UnDave35 9 years
The mortgage aid deal just pisses me off. Why do people who got into bad loans deserve to be helped, while I, a person who has worked hard and gotten a good loan, and am still being hurt by the downward spiraling economy, don't?
lilkimbo lilkimbo 9 years
If you do a Google book search a lot of books come up that show a negative correlation between gun control laws and violence. Very few, if any, come up that show a positive correlation. The vast majority of the books that come up used scientific methods to arrive at their conclusion; they are not just anecdotal.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 9 years
I think reason factors a lot in to the decision, but I guess neither viewpoint can be proven. Also, if law-abiding citizens had guns in cases like the one in Kentucky, there is a greater chance that one of these people would be able to gun down an assailant before such large amounts of violence take place.
Jillness Jillness 9 years
I read a study the other day about the differences in background checks. Some states require "local" and some just require "federal" . They said that the "local" checks were far superior and resulted in less violence because they reported information that was not included on federal reports, like spending time in a mental hospital, domestic disturbances, etc. I think ultimately if a person is going to use a gun against another person in a situation that is not about self defense, they have to be a bit crazy. I don't know how much reason factors into their decisions to use their gun to take someone's life.
hartsfull hartsfull 9 years
Jill, I didn't hear about the child one! Well, I haven't really been around so that's probably why. That sounds heartwrenching though. I agree with you lilkim 100%!
lilkimbo lilkimbo 9 years
Does anyone know if the shooter obtained his gun legally? Also, as has been mentioned many times on this site, areas where concealed carry is permitted typically see a decrease in gun violence. If you don't know if others have guns, you may be less likely to use yours.
Jillness Jillness 9 years
The typhoon sounded so sudden! Those poor people. As for the workplace shooting, remember last week when there was the thread about the child being beat at the roadside, and some people were saying if only they had a gun? I think this KY story shows the very clear pros and cons to gun ownership.
Shopaholichunny Shopaholichunny 9 years
The KY shooting is scary! :( I hope my country will be okay and that they will find more survivors.
gigill gigill 9 years
Wow, first school shootings and now workplace ones. Why didn't I see this coming? Scary!
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