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Top News Stories 2008-06-30 06:58:14

Front Page: Mugabe at African Union Summit, Bush Signs War Bill, India Goes Solar

  • Mugabe at African Union Summit:
    Newly sworn-in for a sixth term as president, Robert Mugabe who wrested a win from violent elections in Zimbabwe, is traveling in his official capacity. Mugabe arrived in Egypt today for an African Union summit, under pressure from the UN and his neighbors to create peace with his adversaries, perhaps difficult as world leaders have called the contest illegitimate because of bloodshed and intimidation, being neither free, fair, nor credible. The UN deputy secretary general, told the African leaders "we are facing an extremely grave crisis. This is the single greatest challenge to regional stability in Southern Africa, not only because of its terrible humanitarian and security consequences, but because of the dangerous political precedent it sets.” US Secretary of State Rice has also urged strong international action against Zimbabwe.

  • Bush Signs War Bill:
    Moments ago, President Bush signed $162 billion war spending plan that constitutes the budget for military action in Iraq and Afghanistan for the remainder of his term. The spending plan approved by Congress also includes an increase of GI Bill college benefits, and a 13-week extension of unemployment benefits. This brings the total of money approved by Congress to more than $650 billion in the past five years.
  • India Goes Solar:
    The Indian government has just announced a plan to confront the threat posed by climate change. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said the plan focuses on sustainable sources of energy and that the development of India's capacity to tap solar power would be central to the strategy. Though India's carbon emissions are predicted to rise, Singh says of the plan, "our vision is to make India's economic development energy efficient. Our people have a right to economic and social development and to discard the ignominy of widespread poverty."


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harmonyfrance harmonyfrance 9 years
He needs to be destroyed.
stephley stephley 9 years
Yea India. Every time I see Mugabe's picture I have the same (to me, shameful) thought: why, in a world that has seen two Kennedys, Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhi, Benazir Bhutto, Rabin and Sadat murdered, is he still standing?
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