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Top News Stories 2008-07-02 06:56:28

Front Page: Election Riot in Mongolia, Bulldozer Attack, India's Truck Drivers Strike

  • Election Riot in Mongolia:
    In Mongolia's capital, protesters rioted over alleged election fraud destroying the ruling party's headquarters, dampening hopes for a stable government, and resulting in five deaths. President Nambariin Enkhbayar declared a four-day state of emergency late last night after the fire was set at the headquarters. The emergency announcement is the first in Mongolia's history, and allows security forces to use tear gas and rubber bullets to break up demonstrations. About 220 civilians and 108 servicemen have been injured in the clashes, with another 700 protesters detained.

  • Bulldozer Attack:
    A Palestinian smashed a bulldozer into a bus and several cars this morning in Jerusalem, killing three people before being killed himself. The rampage left dozens injured in the city center before a police officer engaged the driver, struggling with him in the cab of the vehicle, and shooting him dead. One witness said of the attack, "I saw [the bulldozer driver] crashing cars and going into the bus... He wanted to kill as many as he could."
  • India's Truck Drivers Strike:
    India's truck drivers are striking, keeping nearly four million trucks off the roads to protest against rising fuel costs. The Indian government has cut subsidies due to rising global prices of crude oil and passed the increase on to drivers. Oil prices have risen by 40 percent since the beginning of the year. The strike is likely to push up the prices of food and other necessities. One trucker said, "we are already running under huge losses. The cost of diesel is so high that we have nothing left to live on."


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