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Top News Stories 2008-08-18 06:54:59

Front Page: Pakistan's President Musharraf Resigns, Grand Canyon Flood Rescues, Florida Braces for Hurricane Fay

  • Pakistan's President Resigns:
    Succumbing to pressure from impending impeachment charges, President Musharraf has announced he will resign, closing out nine years as one of the US's strong allies against terror. Musharraf said, “I have decided to resign today," saying the move put his country above "personal bravado." At the end of his hour-long speech, he punched the air and said, "long live Pakistan!"
  • Grand Canyon Flood Rescues:
    About 170 people were airlifted to safety after a dam burst in the Grand Canyon, flooding a side canyon in an area only accessible by foot or horseback. Flashflooding warnings still persist following the evacuation order. After the rescues, most have been accounted for, but rescue sweeps continue today.

  • Florida Braces for Hurricane Fay:
    Already having pounded the Caribbean, soon-to-be Hurricane Fay now heads for the Florida Keys. Evacuations are underway and Governor Crist said after declaring a state of emergency, "Florida is prepared. We are ready. We are vigilant." Oil prices have climbed in response to the storm's path threat to oil and gas supplies.


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