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Topics to Avoid on a First Date

16 Questions You Should Never Ask on a First Date

First dates are awkward enough as-is — much less when you ask personal, inappropriate questions. There's a fine line between getting to know someone and digging a little too deep, so try to think before you speak. Don't want to make him uncomfortable? Steer clear of these questions to make date number two more likely:

Is Google right about you? A quick pre-date Google search is totally normal, but it's definitely not normal to bring up your findings. Curious about his football days? Mention your favorite sports team to steer the conversation in the right direction.

Who are you voting for? Bringing up political preferences is a major don't. If it's part of his career or the topic comes up naturally, go ahead and (very politely, very briefly) address it, then move on.

What's your "number"? Learning someone's sexual history is very important — once you're sleeping with them, that is. There's no need to raise the issue right away, though, so hold out until it's necessary.

How much do you make? You're trying to gauge how well you get along, not whether you want to hire him. Finance talk is rude and uncomfortable, so keep any career-based conversation on the surface level.

Do you still talk to your ex? Keep the past in the past. If kids or an ex-wife are involved, let him be the one to raise the topic.

Read on for more inappropriate first-date questions.

Why haven't you friend requested me yet? Don't obsess over whether or not he's following you on every social network. Once you've connected in real life, then you can connect online.

When did you lose your virginity? Way, way too personal. Don't go there.

How much do you weigh? Weight is another issue that should remain private. Asking about his size might make him feel insecure or self-conscious, even if you have the best intentions.

What was your GPA? For one thing, a date is not a job interview. And for another who cares? Some people don't test well, and book smarts don't always correspond to real-world success anyway.

Do you think size matters? This basically translates as: "Size matters to me." You don't want to embarrass him, so keep the conversation above the belt.

What's your most traumatizing memory? Good dates stem from good energy, so your best bet is to avoid bringing negativity into the exchange.

Are you planning to get married? Have kids? If you've just met, it's simply too early to bring up these future-focused issues.

Do you believe in God? Religion may be an important issue for you, but there's a time and a place to bring up spiritual matters — and nine times out of 10, a first date isn't it.

How do you feel about abortion? Just, no.

Want to order some shots? It's fine to have a drink or two, but if you're genuinely trying to get to know someone, turning to alcohol sends the wrong signal.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Not only is it a cliché cop-out of a question, but it also screams "overeager." Play it cool by keeping things casual.

Have you ever been asked an awkward question during a first date? Are there any topics that would send you running for the hills?

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