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Dear Sugar
I think my personal fitness trainer is putting the moves on me. We have this great rapport with each other, but lately he's entered into a gray area I feel funny continuing to work with him. He comes to my house for workouts and always offers to give me full body massages when we are finished. I accept these massages since my muscles sore, but now these massages have evolved into just plain weirdness. He puts on light music and spends most of his time rubbing my waist and touching WAY too far up my thighs. He's grazing and I know it! He even tells people jokingly that I am his girlfriend. I feel like I am being naive. This isn't normal, right? Sucker

Dear Sucker
EW! What a slime ball! Yes. You are being a sucker...wake up! Your trainer is definitely crossing major student teacher lines here. Why haven't you said anything to him sooner? Tell him that he's making you uncomfortable and unless he stops touching you inappropriately, you're going to have to terminate your sessions together. Money talks. He'll get the point.

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