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Tough Question No. 1: Why Aren't You Dating?

Tough Question No. 1: Why Aren't You Dating?

A common fear many women have as Thanksgiving approaches is how to answer those intrusive, uncomfortable, and sometimes rude questions by family members or old acquaintances. To help get you prepared for turkey day, I'm here to offer my suggestions for how to respond to the line of questioning most everyone gets this time of year. Let's start with question number one: Why aren't you dating?

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Even if you don't know the answer to this question yourself, fake it. Exude confidence and respond with either of these:
I just haven't found that special someone yet. Honest and straight to the point.

I am dating, just not dating anyone seriously, that's all! This lets them know you're not lonely, but also makes it clear that they won't be meeting him (or them!) anytime soon.

If you want the questioning to end ASAP, you can take a more aggressive approach and fib with either of these two statements:
My boyfriend and I just broke up and it's really hard to talk about. If they keep prying, ask them if you can please change the subject.

I'm taking a hiatus from men until after the holidays. This will let them know not to ask you the same question when you see them at Christmas!

If you've ever been in a similar situation, tell us, how do you answer the question, "Why aren't you dating?"?


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