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Transgender Woman Offers Fresh Look at Stale Misogyny

Transgender Woman Offers Fresh Look at Stale Misogyny

If you were born a woman, you likely don't remember the first time you fielded a sexist remark. But if you're a transgender woman like comedian Juliet Jacques, after you make your transition you begin to learn what it means to face unwanted attention and misogynistic comments.

As a comedian, Juliet knows what public rejection feels like. But as a transgender woman, she explains in her Guardian column this week, she must also confront hecklers off stage. After being called a "tranny" on a regular basis by perfect strangers, Juliet decided to consider "passing" as a woman, something she had thought of as conforming to suffocating gender stereotypes. Once she began conforming more strictly to female gender expectations, a different type of rude comment came in. She writes:

In one of my first lessons in what it means to live as female, I had to consider what types of clothing would draw unwanted attention. This meant trying to avoid the classic male-to-female trap of wearing clothes that looked wrong for my age — one I'd fallen into before transitioning, wearing floral dresses to clubs only to be told by strangers that "You look like my mum."

Luckily, Juliet's sense of humor is one of her best weapons against this, and she's derived a new theorem: "the unimaginativeness of the comment is directly proportional to the unattractiveness of the commenter."

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