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Transitioning From Bottles To Sippy Cups

Dear Sugar
I have a 13 month old son who's still drinking formula from a bottle. I am trying to transition him to milk in a sippy cup. Do you have any suggestions on how to make this process any smoother? Right now, he's rejecting the milk entirely. Worried Mama

Dear Worried Mama
Try mixing the formula with 2 oz of milk and see how he does. If he takes it, then slowly decrease the amount of formula and increase the amount of milk in his bottles until he's used to the different tastes and is drinking only milk. Once he's used to the milk, slowly replace the bottles with sippy cups. Try giving him one after a nap and the next day, give him one at lunchtime, etc... Don't get frustrated if it doesn't happen overnight. Lots of Moms suggest teaching a child to learn to drink from a cup even before a sippy cup. Sometimes they are more interested in drinking from adult cups because they are watching you do it - so try and put some milk in a cup and let him hold it as he drinks. You'd be surprised at how often he'll try and get your cup because he wants his own to hold. This is the time to give him a sippy. Just remember to put some milk on the mouth piece of the sippy so he can get a taste of it and realize a drink is in there. He's going to have to suck to get it out (which he's used to from a bottle) but he may not put that together at first. A little fluid on the rim will help.

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