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True Confession — Did I Give Him an STI?

I know how much you all love our Sunday Confessional, so my friend at True Confessions is joining forces with me to bring you a midweek confessional! Weigh in and tell us if you forgive or not forgive the confessional below.

"I have herpes, and I planned how I would introduce the topic to my new found love but unfortunately, one thing led to another on Saturday night and before I knew it, we were having sex. I told him after the fact but I know that wasn't good enough. I also know that I'm the scum of the earth, and deserve to suffer in my own personal hell for as long as I live. I wouldn't wish herpes on anyone, let alone a man I purported to love. I pray that he tests negative, but either way, can I be forgiven for being so selfish?"


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