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My boyfriend has admitted to me that he has cheated on me. It took me a long time to figure out that he had sex with another person. At first I tried to make myself believe that he didn't, but deep down I sort of had known. I would go through his phone and find texts he sends and pictures of his private areas that he sent to other people. We got into several fights about it. He also had accounts to online hookup websites.

Now it is eight months down into our relationship and I have put up with all this bull on the first notation that I love him. I feel like he has changed now. I do not go through his phone anymore because I do not want to sound clingy or crazy. That and because he locks his phone. Am I setting myself up for hurt? Everytime I talk to him he changes the subject. I always look at the little things he does for me, but the overall bad always overshadows the good. Am I being clingy or crazy? Should I be able to just accept him and take his word even if he has cheated on me in the past? 

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