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I think Geek would agree with me when I say that being a techie has never been cooler. But just because being at the forefront of technology has finally caught on, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your hearts go aflutter every time your IT guy helps you with your computer. In fact, I’m sure some of you still prefer a toolbox or briefcase over a laptop bag. So ladies, when it comes to geeky characteristics in a guy, are they a total turn on or a turn off in your book?


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nutrihuney nutrihuney 9 years
totally have a crush on a co-worker that i would describe as geeky. but he makes me laugh and conversation is always so easy with him.
Lyv Lyv 9 years
A big turn-on, almost a requirement, for me. But he can't be too geeky either, I need my man to be sociable and drink and party have nice hair and not wear hedious clothes.
julibul julibul 9 years
The dude has to be at least as geeky as I am. If I have to tell him how to work his computer, it's OVER!! Ideally he should: 1. Be good with computers 2. Play the video games I like (nerdy RPGs and such) 3. Be a music nerd 4. Read for pleasure 5. understand xkcd comics
flyhunnie7 flyhunnie7 9 years
Every dude I've been emotionally involved with has been a geeky guy in some way. Guys who aren't smart (or smart enough to be funny) just don't do it for me. In fact -- and this is 100% true -- my geek took a practice MENSA test today and he's taking the real thing in August. He's a brilliant up-and-coming comedy writer, he can fix anything, he was able to make my family a bunch of mac converts... oh yes, I love my nerdy man!!
robinlh912 robinlh912 9 years
Geeks are amazing! My current boyfriend is kinda geeky (World of Warcraft, anyone?) but he's incredably funny and sexy too! I have no problem dating a guy who can help take care of my computer
northern_lass northern_lass 9 years
I've always been attracted to (and dated) guys who are pretty geeky. they are just so interesting and make great conversation. In my experience, they've been super sweet and respectful, too. Geeks are great!
zoethekat21 zoethekat21 9 years
My geek is a sexy geek and I so adore him...without him...I would be LOST!
moxierain moxierain 9 years
Depends on the guy and how "geeky" he is. Some guys are cute and have "geeky" interests. If he's cute and a great guy overall then why not date him?
ayuninur ayuninur 9 years
turn on..
MuggleCrazed MuggleCrazed 9 years
I love geeks! Especially the ones who work at the Apple Store. :)
evenxstarx evenxstarx 9 years
i love geeks .. i love dorks too .. haha .. from my experience it seems like these guys are the ones who really appreciate having a great girlfriend :)
MissMeow MissMeow 9 years
I love geeks! Even the ones that aren't super cute, and even the ones that are a little shy. As long as they're not weird, then I love them.
laluna27 laluna27 9 years
I love a geek! Its totally endearing, shows that they are passionate about things, and its nice to have a guy to fix your computer! Though the geek thing only works if they are super cute!
millarci millarci 9 years
I love geeks (especially if they are a mac geek like me :) )
plasticine1 plasticine1 9 years
nothing gets me hotter than a total geek. i think i have a problem ;)
designerel designerel 9 years
My boyfriend is in IT and the fact that he knows his way around computers is freaking hot, but it also helps that he is blessed in the looks department :)
bengalspice bengalspice 9 years
My boyfriend is totally a geek. He showed me how to play WoW, helped me level a character, lectures me about gadgets, and is now building his own touch screen table to play games he programed himself. I love watching him work on his games and table.
saranightly saranightly 9 years
I like when my boyfriend goes geeky he sets up everything, and fixes my computer. I'm proud of him that he's so capable and smart. However I do get kind of annoyed sometimes when I want him time/attention and he's immersed in doing geek stuff!
britnish britnish 9 years
i think it's my dad's fault i like geeky boys. he's works in the it department and it's made me expect nerdiness
LOVErickii LOVErickii 9 years
i love me a geeky guy - just not an overly geeky guy
austerity austerity 9 years
very hot :) I'm a geek myself so I would definitely appreciate a co-geek
j00j j00j 9 years
i went over to my ex boyfriend's house one day and found him in his room, shirtless, building a computer. so hot.
Bookish Bookish 9 years
I adore geeks! It's been my experience that geeky guys are just so much nicer than non-geeky guys.
luvhouse07 luvhouse07 9 years
Me and my boyfriend met in our highschool scince club :D
Silverlining10 Silverlining10 9 years
My boyfriend is majoring in biophysics and math, and works for Yahoo! making software. He's geeky, and even likes Magic and reading fantasy novels. That's what made me fall in love with him, but sometimes, when he goes on and on about physics or math, using terms I don't understand and making jokes related to the subject, I start to get bored and drift off. Whoops! Then, listening to him talk to his dad about work is painful, too. His mom and I just stare at the wall. HAHA!
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