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"Two Tickets For Wall-E Leftist Propaganda, Please." Possible?

"Two Tickets For Wall-E Leftist Propaganda, Please." Possible?

Heading out to the movies this holiday weekend? If your "two tickets, please," is for last weekend's #1 flick, Pixar's Wall-E, you might be getting a jumbo bucket of leftist propaganda with your price of admission. But it's a cartoony-thing, right?! But it's a cartoon-y thing with an apparently serious leftist message.

The National Review's global-warming blog says “it was like a 90-minute lecture on the dangers of over consumption, big corporations, and the destruction of the environment.” Oh! That sounds like a cute and funny movie! What??

But wait, there's more! Glenn Beck says, "I just see Wally and he's on the Earth and he's cleaning stuff up and I looked at my wife and I said, it's a frickin' global warming movie, it is how we destroyed the Earth." Over at Dirty Harry's Place (a conservative look at film, punk) Harry says of the Pixar tale, "they stop things cold, yanking you out of the story with the liberal nonsense. Quite a disappointment. Anyway…"

Lars Larson was on with Dan Abrams backing all of this up, saying it gives "little kids the idea that human beings are bad for planet Earth." At Townhall, they agree with the propaganda claim, but say it's "actually a brilliant exposure of liberalism’s flaws."

Is all of this possible out of a cartoon? Is Wall-E propaganda in the world's cutest package?

Check out Buzz's brilliant review for more info on the plot and characters — and hey, 4.5 out of 5 stars ain't bad!

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