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Types of Facebook Frienders

5 Types of Facebook Frienders

Let's talk Facebook etiquette. I asked last week how long you waited to Facebook friend a love interest, but your answers revealed less about dating, and more about how and when you friend everyone and anyone and no one.

While I'm sure there's more, five types of Facebook frienders revealed themselves.

  • No time like the second drink: "Went on a first date last night, we added each other midway through second drinks." — Anonymous
  • You're nothing more than a link in my Facebook chain: "When I first meet someone (co-worker, date, friend of a friend who might become a friend of mine), I request to add them. I have plenty of Facebook friends who I don't call or text, and don't see Facebook as more personal than a phone number." — Girl Jen
  • Facebook is for lurkers: "Chances are people facebook you as soon as they know your last name anyway, so unless your profile is completely private, you might as well just add them." — MissSushi
  • The two-day rule: "I usually wait a day or two, unless they add me first." — Mellietronx
  • Wait until marriage: "I say wait as long as you can. There's nothing more awkward than having to unfriend someone." — Angelica Marden

Which one are you?

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Studio16 Studio16 6 years
I rarely if ever friend people, actually. Seriously...I can list the number of people I've friended on one hand. I usually wait for people to friend request me, and I have pretty high "standards" for accepting friend requests. (It's really just a checklist.) 1. Do I know this person? I actually have to have spoken with this person and be able to put a name to his or her face. For instance, if you friend me and I recognize your profile picture but didn't learn your name until just then, I probably won't accept the friend request. I just feel like it's silly to be friends with people you don't know. 2. Is this person normal? If I know the person, but s/he is a creeper, the request won't be accepted. Sorry, but if I think you're going to save a bunch of my pictures and use them for sketchy purposes, I'm not going to give you the opportunity. 3. Will I mind when this person shows up in my feed? I hate it when my feed is inundated with the mundane things that people like: "So-and-So likes Mac and Cheese!" or status updates like, "yo yo bichez and hoes ya boi's watchin jersyy shore. FIST PUMP!" (That was a legit status update that appeared in my feed.) The funny thing profile's not all that personal. I update my status maybe a couple times a week, and my info tab has my birthday, a link to my sister's profile, and my email/skype addresses. There's nothing that I wouldn't want people I didn't know very well to not see. I just feel like it's very middle school to have as many friends as possible.
zeze zeze 6 years
I recently revamped my facebook making it totally professional and as un-personal as possible. I used to only add people I really knew and knew decently well, not met them once in a crowd, but now as an advertising tool I add everyone - all could be potential clients or links to clients.
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