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Types of First Dates and Pros and Cons

Types of First Dates (and Their Pros and Cons)

We're happy to present this excerpt from one of our favorite sites, HowAboutWe. Let's look at the pros and cons of different types of first dates.

So you hit it off, you tentatively suggested a date, and they said yes. Now it's time to figure out what you're going to do on your first date, which is sort of like a Choose Your Own Adventure of potential romance — or awkwardness. Choose wisely!

Drink Dates

Pros: Alcohol = conversational lubrication. More romantic than coffee, but less of a commitment than dinner. Easy to prolong or cut short after one drink, depending.


Cons: Not everyone drinks! Can be hard to think of things to talk about if there’s no immediate chemistry. The worry of drinking too much.

Sober Dates

Pros: No need to worry about beer goggles or whether you’re acting a little too, shall we say, ebullient. You can be sure your judgement isn’t impaired.

Cons: They don’t call alcohol a social lubricant for nothing! A bar, whether it’s a wine bar or a dive bar, can also just be a nice place to hang out after dark, and bars tend to stay open later than coffee shops.

Activity Dates

Pros: Gets you both out of your element, on the same team. Easy ice-breaker. Can focus on doing something rather than asking the usual “date-y” questions. See what it’s like to actually hang out with someone, rather than just drink with them.

Cons: If the date isn’t good, you’re still stuck doing whatever activity with him. People can feel too much out of their element.

For five more first date types, head to HowAboutWe: The 8 Types of First Dates (and Their Pros and Cons)

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