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UFOs Fly Onto Internet in UK

In 1991, an airplane, headed for Heathrow, encountered a UFO, according to records of the UK Ministry of Defense. The commercial jet passed a brown missile-shaped object, causing the pilot to shout "Look out!"

Britain's National Archives has put 1,500 pages of UFO-related documents online. A new set of records, including witness accounts and sketches, is the latest installment of the four year program. In total, 160 UFO incidents will be made available to the public.

Another revelation? During the Cold War, a US fighter pilot leaving an English air base was ordered to open fire on a UFO above the North Sea. According to reports, the object gained speed and disappeared. Yesterday, Retired US airman Milton Torres said he was the pilot, and has spent 50 years trying to find out what happened that day.

Do you think governments try to hide evidence of extraterrestrial life from the public?


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