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UK Survey Says: Women Should Take Some Blame For Rape

Most women know that it's dangerous to get too wasted, leave a drink unattended, or go home with a stranger from a bar. But this emphasis on precaution might be sustaining the attitude that when a woman is raped, she must have "asked for it."

A new survey from the UK reveals that many people believe a woman should bear some of the responsibility when she is sexually assaulted. And according to the demographic breakdown, women are more prepared to blame rape victims. Here's a look at some of the more shocking statistics:

  • 56 percent of respondents think a sexual assault victim should be held partly accountable in certain circumstances.
  • 28 percent thought people wearing revealing clothes should take some of the blame for sexual assault.
  • 23 percent of women said if a victim danced provocatively at a club, she should take some responsibility.
  • 71 percent of women said a person should accept responsibility for sexual assault if they got into bed with someone, compared to 57 percent of men.

By definition a rape victim cannot choose to be raped, but a rapist does choose to rape her. Why do you think the women in the survey were more likely than the men to divide responsibility among rapist and victim?

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