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US Census Data and Gender Stats

Good News, Ladies: There Are More Fish in the Sea

The 2010 US census data released today shows some new trends in the gender age gap: notably, that more boys than girls are being born and men are living longer than they have in the past. Typically there are more women than men age 35 and older, with men dying early from accidents, homicide, alcohol, smoking, etc. Then once we hit 85 there are twice as many women as men — nursing home dating must get cutthroat! But the gap is narrowing, with 21 percent more men over 65 now than a decade ago, double the percent growth rate for women in the same age group. And the overall male to female ratio has jumped from 96.3 in 2000 to 96.7 today, the biggest rebound for men since 1910.

Experts say since women have historically lived longer than men, they are more concerned with healthcare issues like Medicare than men. And now that the gap is shrinking, more men will care about health and pension issues than in the past. From personal experience, I feel like women will always care more about health issues than men, and that's probably why we live longer! What do you think?

Photos by Caroline Tran via Green Wedding Shoes

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