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The US to Televise Hearings to 9-11 Families. Thoughts?

The US military has decided to televise the Guantanamo trial of accused September 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and five other suspects so relatives of those killed in the attacks can watch the proceedings. The chief prosecutor said, "we're going to broadcast in real time to several locations that will be available just to victim families."

The defendants are charged with murder and conspiracy, and prosecutors have asked that they be executed if convicted of plotting to crash hijacked planes into New York's World Trade Center and the Pentagon in 2001. The six will be the first Guantanamo prisoners charged with direct involvement in the attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people.

Some of the families are grateful for the information. One man whose father and stepmother died on the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania, called the prosecutors "true patriots," and is glad for "the ability to see justice being fulfilled in one of the most significant attacks on America's heartland."

But detractors say showing the trials is a violation of the Geneva Conventions. A lawyer for the defense says, "I can just imagine American soldiers and sailors and airmen being subjected to similar show trials worldwide."

Though I'm not the almost lawyer around here, does choosing to show the trials to the families somehow imply guilt before the proceedings? Is this something you feel like you could watch if you were one of the family members? Will it make Americans more vulnerable or is it justice of information? Where do you stand on the decision? Is it as complex as it seems?


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