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USDA Closes School Lunch Meatpacker, Kids Don't Know Pork

USDA Closes School Lunch Meatpacker, Kids Don't Know Pork

The USDA just shut down an LA slaughterhouse that had been the distributor for Westland Meat Company, the ground beef supplier for the National School Lunch Program.

Meanwhile, on the UK side of the pond, LEAF, Linking Environment and Farming, just released a video to help kids learn that sausages don't grow on trees. The video "demonstrates the sausage-making process, from farm to plate." True story. This comes after a survey last year showed that 22 percent of adults didn't know that bacon and sausage come from farms.

Knowing where your food comes from and safety regulations are crucial. LEAF was founded to help environmentalists, consumers, and farmers make positive strides for all concerned. To see how the UK is winning at the smart and sane farm game,


LEAF started because:

"They were motivated by a common concern for the future of farming and keen to develop a system of farming which was realistic and achievable for the majority of farmers."

The LEAF survey, among other things, showed that people are becoming increasing disconnected from their food and where it comes from. Part of the reason I'm vegan is that after having grown up on a farm, closer to where my meat and dairy originated, I know that beef doesn't spring forth, wrapped in Saran wrap, and land in a Safeway cooler. Environmental and legislative consequences are becoming increasingly relevant.

While exploring the Environmental Legislation posted on the British Pig Executives website, I uncovered this — in the US, each pig farm is responsible for its own environmental plan. Is this a good idea? Can agencies like LEAF be more effective than the USDA to help kids and the environment?


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