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Uncouth In The Caribbean

Dear Sugar
I am a single 33 year old male. I live in NYC and have decided that I wanted to take a vacation. I booked the trip months ago and figured that if I met someone I'd bring them along or else I'd just go solo. Turns out, about a month ago I met a beautiful Broadway singer. She and I had gone on about a dozen dates and I really liked her, so I surprised her with tickets to Barbados. She was thrilled and I was so happy about getting the chance to spend some quality time together. But after a few days, things turned sour. I didn't realize that she was such a diva. She acted spoiled, rude and bossy. When I confronted her, she told me that I needed to get her another room and that she didn't want to be near me anymore. I obliged simply because I didn't want to be around her either, but she has not offered to pay one dime for her own room. She ordered room service 4 times and also got a massage. I am peeved about it. Just because I can afford to pay for her doesn't mean that I want to. I think she's classless and obnoxious. She has recently called me to ask me for a coat of hers she left in my apt. I just want to leave it with my doorman, but part of me wants to talk to her because I'd like to tell her what I think. Do you think it's futile? I feel like I have been taken advantage of. Nice Guy Gareth

Dear Nice Guy Gareth
She really does sound like a diva. I am sorry that she spoiled your vacation. I can't believe she asked you for another room and didn't even offer to split it with you, some people are just plain old disgusting. I doubt you will ever see your money, so try and get over that if you can. Since you can afford it, maybe you can write it off as a charity donation! I think you should end on a high note and just leave her coat with your doorman but add that you are out of town for the next 2 weeks. In the meantime, take a piece of sushi and put it in the pocket of her coat. When she comes to get it in about 2 weeks the sushi will be nice and ripe. That'll be your little payback to her!

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