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United Nations Says Stop Being Soft on Celebrity Drug Users

It's common knowledge that drug use often goes hand in hand with the celebrity lifestyle. Countless famous abusers check in to rehab, or even sing about it. Pictures of celebrity junkies using drugs are widely available in magazines or on the internet. But, is public airing of celebrities' habits too small a price to pay for breaking the law?

The UN's International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) thinks celebrity abusers are getting off too easily when it comes to criminal sentencing. In its annual report, the INCB maintains that when celebrities glamorize a drug-related lifestyle, it influences the youth, a group most vulnerable to celebrity culture.

The INCB is warning countries against disproportionately targeting low-level offenders. Instead, countries should go after high-profile users, as well as the criminal gangs fueling the drug trade.

Do you think that celebrities get soft treatment from the criminal justice system? Should we expect them to be role models, and therefore make examples of them when they violate the law?


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