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What Unsolicited Sex Advice Have You Received?

I'm glad I'm not married. It's bad enough when anyone tries to give you sex advice, but listening to it from your parents' or his? Intolerable. But it happens to married couples, both sexually satisfied and dissatisfied, more often than never. From sharing porn preferences to (if you can believe there's something worse) sharing cleanup stories, The Stir rounded up some truly worst-case advice scenarios. Regardless of who gave it to you, can you top them?

dikke-kus dikke-kus 7 years
I've heard a lot of bragging about great sex, sometimes its funny becuase its with friends and there's alcohol involved. Or worse someone single complaining married couples have sex all the time must be nice blah blah blah, that kind of thing, but thank God nothing really for advice. If someone starts up sex details one way or the other, usually I ignore it after a while and move on to another topic.
my great aunt said to walk around the house in nothing but high heels. haha
inlove23 inlove23 7 years
Haha! Glowing moon! So funny!
PiNkY-PiNk PiNkY-PiNk 7 years
a religious member of my bf's family told me to not have sex during my period because it's in the Bible that it's against God's wishes!! Lol.
whats-her-name whats-her-name 7 years
Whoa-ho-my-goodness ^^
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 7 years
Off the top of my head, I received some unsolicited sex advice from an in-law I had just met. She disapproved of my and my husband's decision to not have children. Out of nowhere, she told me that the next time me and my husband had sex, for me to beg him not to use birth control (in our case it's the condom. Sorry, if it's TMI), so that I can get pregnant. She acted out how I should beg him, and showed me her sex face. I nearly vomited, as I was eating. Not only was it inappropriate, it was TMI, as we had just met. Also, I think she was disrespectful of our decision to not have children. Furthermore, I found this woman unattractive, so to me, her sex face was unattractive as well. It took every nerve I had to keep a straight face. Needless to say, I shied away from this woman. Recently, I bowed out of a social event because I found out she would be there.
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