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Urination Stimulation

Dear Sugar
About a month ago I started getting a weird sensation whenever I had to urinate. If for some reason I have to hold it, a strange feeling comes over my body and makes me feel tensed, extremely aroused and flushed. The sensation grows and I have to do everything in my power to keep myself from wetting my pants.

It's a mixture of pain and extreme pleasure. After a few seconds, it disappears and leaves me with the normal feeling of needing to use a toilet. Do you think that I could have a UTI, or is something wrong with me because this feels so good? Bathroom Bound Barbara

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Dear Bathroom Bound Barbara
The sensation you are describing sounds like an orgasm. Sometimes when women have an orgasm, they can feel the same sensation of having to use the bathroom. Orgasms are a release of muscle tension that is built up during sexual activity or arousal and this stimulation can send confusing signals as the clitoris and urethra are so close together.

During an orgasm, some women also experience what is known as a sexual flush. This causes redness of the skin, or the flushing on your face you described, due to increased blood flow to the skin. Experiencing an orgasm for the first time can be somewhat shocking, but there is definitely nothing wrong with you!

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