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Dear Sugar
I am going on vacation in two weeks and it is the same week that I am due to have my period. I've heard that you can just keep taking your pill during the time you are supposed to be menstruating through the next cycle and it's won't harm you. Is this true, and if so, is this safe? I hope so because I don't want to be bleeding for my romantic beach getaway. Icky Izzie

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Dear Icky Izzie
Yes, it's safe to manipulate your birth control pill, but only if you don't abuse it. Do it this once, but as soon as you get home, throw out the pack and restart it again a week later. You must not continue to take your pills so that you never menstruate. Not only is that unsafe - it's unhealthy not to shed your uterine lining each month.

Also this is just a little bit of travel advice; I am not sure where you are going, but if it's to a destination where there is water contamination, be sure and swallow your pill with bottled water. Same goes for when you are brushing your teeth. I've heard stories of ruined honeymoon's due to throwing up and diarrhea from drinking tap water containing bacteria.

Also, pack your pills in your carry on case with you. Like any other drug, the pill can spoil and become ineffective from heat. We wouldn't want that to happen! Bon Voyage

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