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Valedictorian Must Apologize For Jesus Name Drop in Speech

A Colorado high school valedictorian, Erica Corder, mentioned Jesus in her 30-second graduation speech back in 2006. As a result, the school told her an apology was in order if she wanted her diploma. The school still doesn't have its apology and Erica still doesn't have her diploma.

The resourceful teen took her situation to federal court. The court rejected her petition for an injunction, and now she's appealing that decision. The lower court held that since the speech was school sponsored, restrictions were constitutional.

Erica's address about her Christian faith differed from that presented during graduation practice. Thus, after the Jesus-switch-a-roo, and after graduation had ended, the school said she must apologize if she wanted her diploma.

Leaving legal reasoning aside, I'm surprised neither the school nor the student has been able to swallow their pride and move on. What would Jesus do?


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