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Dear Sugar
I am going to Las Vegas this weekend with my girlfriends and am not sure what to wear out at night. We reserved a table at a club one night and they have a "No Jeans" policy. I always wear jeans out at night and I am not a big fan of wearing black pants. Any suggestions? What to Wear Wendy

Dear What to Wear Wendy
You are going to have a blast! Wear a dress. Dresses are everywhere right now. Get something fun and sexy - that's what Vegas is all about, baby - SIN CITY! You will feel pretty, comfortable and best of all, cool. You realize that you are going to the dessert and it tends to get super hot there. Also, Las Vegas has innumerable shops, so if you don't know what exactly to pack, after you win a few bucks in the casino, get after the boutiques! Vegas is the place to wear that risque number that's been hanging in the back of your closet for a year because you've got nowhere else to go in it. Oh, just some other helpful advice - always remember to double down on 11's. Go out there and show 'em who's the big winner now.

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