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Video: Don't Let God Be a College Casualty

Video: Don't Let God Be a College Casualty

When I came across this video, I couldn't tell if it was satirical or serious. In it, sweet Kim leaves for college after saying goodbye to her parents and boyfriend. Nine months later, she returns pregnant, angry, and spouting off information about the South American rain forests.

The College Casualty from Mark Nauroth on Vimeo.

At the end, the dad reveals the video's purpose: it's an ad for College Weekend Workshop, a course broadcast live over the Internet and into churches with the purpose of preparing Christian students for college so they can get a degree without losing the faith. College Weekend Workshop says that too often, saying yes to college means saying no to God.

Using some confusing humor, the group wants to tap into parents' fears that their children will come back from college completely different. (Namely, radical feminist, heavy metal, spiritual hippie types.) Parents need not fear, though, because there is a way to continue to influence your kids' values. All you have to do is sign up for (and pay for) the workshop!

Do you think there's some value in reinforcing an adolescent's beliefs, or should young adults be encouraged to think for themselves?

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