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Video Future Olivia Wilde Gives Us a Look at President Palin

Future Olivia Wilde Gives Us a Look at President Palin

Olivia Wilde has come back from the year 2057 to warn us all about what will happen if we don't vote. Future-Olivia is on a mission to change the outcome of the 2010 election, because that's where it all went wrong. In the Terminator-style ad sponsored by MoveOn, Olivia says that if more people don't vote (for progressive candidates), we can expect Republicans to take back Congress and merge with corporations, a war against China in 2017, a superwar with Norway in 2020, and much more doom and gloom.

There's some good news: by 2057, we'll figure out how to reverse the signs of aging. Does this ad make you want to vote?

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lemuse20 lemuse20 6 years
I HATE it the push for everyone to vote. If someone doesn't want to vote, don't push them. They must not know the issues well enough anyway, as they don't care. We don't need uninformed voters voting just because they can!
janneth janneth 6 years
Just vote, people!
AngieMae AngieMae 6 years
Quite frankly, I am offended at the insinuation that not voting equates to a win for the evil Republican empire. I would like to hope that those not voting are not voting because they do not feel they are well informed on the issues or the candidates. In that instance, I admire those who do not vote, over those who vote because someone with a pretty face is telling them how rightwings want to take away our freedoms and will ruin the world. I'd like to see more of a push for people to become knowledgable on the candidates and issues, and then vote, NOT go and vote so everyone on the left can beat everyone on the right and save the world!
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