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Video of Justin Long and Mike White as Gay Couple

Gay Couples Are More Traditional Than Some People Think

In this hilarious, slightly NSFW, video promoting gay marriage, Justin Long and Mike White play two gay spouses in the midst of a regular old marriage. If proponents of the "traditional" family want to do away with the indecent gay lifestyle, the video explains, they should legalize gay marriage. Eventually gay lovers will turn into boring, bickering, sexless, yet still adorable, spouses. The message to straight people who oppose marriage: have no fear, they're just like us.

Yet a new study shows that long-term, homosexual couples actually might have an advantage over their heterosexual counterparts. Teens raised by lesbian parents are less aggressive, engage in less rule-breaking, and have fewer social problems overall, according to a 20-year study just released. The study's author says that "moms in the lesbian family are very committed, very involved parents" and she expects similar advantages for children growing up with two dads, too. Factors including the parents' financial means, level of engagement, and preparedness for raising a kid likely are to thank, and one family therapist concluded that when lesbian mothers prepare their children for the social stigma they might face, the discussion acts as a valuable "relationship-building" experience for both parents and children.

The traditional quirks of marriage and the merits of good parenting know no boundaries!

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