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Video of Lara Logan Interview on 60 Minutes

Lara Logan Breaks Code of Silence by Sharing Her Cairo Sexual Assault Ordeal

As I watched Lara Logan's graphic 60 Minutes interview last night about the sexual assault she suffered in Cairo's Tahrir Square, it moved me that a seasoned journalist with significant security could so quickly become a victim of a brutal attack. The 60 Minutes correspondent, who usually does the interviewing and reporting herself, switched roles last night, proving if it could happen to her, it could happen to anyone, while helping reduce the stigma surrounding discussions of sexual assault.

"One thing that I'm extremely proud of, that I didn't intend, is when my female colleagues stood up and said that I had broken the silence on what all of us have experienced, but never talk about," she said. "Women never complain about incidents of sexual violence, because you don't want someone to say, 'well women shouldn't be out there.'"

Lara explained that before her near-death encounter with Egypt's sexual harassment and assault epidemic, she had no idea Egyptian women are regularly molested in public. One survey found that two out of three Egyptian men admit to publicly harassing women. Lara wanted to add her voice to those who confront sexual violence. You can watch part of her interview below.

burke_chi burke_chi 6 years
her story is so heartbreaking. she ought to have had more protection. i don't know. it's so difficult to say what should or should not have been done in order to ensure her security. but i'm glad she shared her story because it's true what she said regarding breakign the silence. and the worst of it is how it's condoned... i can't believe some of the comments i had read about this insident that were just so painful to read. basically people have commented that because of her good looks, she has gained a reputation of being a seductress, and that somehow this excuses this disgusting crime.
TheEnchantedOne TheEnchantedOne 6 years
I feel for her. And I'm angry with what happened to her. People should have more respect for each other. And people should be safe wherever part of the world they're in. I admire her for speaking up.
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