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Valentine's Day
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Video of Nadya Suleman Arguing With Her Mother

What Would You Do With Your Frozen Embryos?

The story of Nadya Suleman and her octuplets is all over the news these days. As I'm sure you've heard, Nadya, who was unable to conceive naturally, turned to fertility treatment and got whole lot more than she bargained for.

Her eggs were removed from her ovaries and fertilized with sperm donated from her friend, and whether it was right or wrong, she had all six embryos transferred into her uterus (two split, and that's how she ended up with eight babies). In an effort to defend her decision to plant all six, she recently argued with her mother saying, "The only thing you can do with frozen embryos is use them or destroy them." Nadya considered those frozen embryos to be lives, and felt that destroying them would be just like having an abortion. To that, her mother responded with, "The other option is, give them up for adoption."

I know this is an emotional and heated topic of discussion, but since we talk about things like pregnancy and abortion on DearSugar all the time, I thought you'd all have something to say about this too. So tell me, if you went through fertility treatments, what would you choose to do with your frozen embryos?

And if you're interested in seeing the video clip of Nadya and her mother posted on,



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