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Video of Ronnie Partying in Miami on Jersey Shore

The Clubs Aren't Safe When Ronnie Wants to Outdo The Situation

Pauly D might love single Ronnie, but I'm not sure MIA (that means Miami) will ever be the same. Last night on Jersey Shore's season premiere, Ronnie told us he's pumped to be single, although he's living with his ex, and gave us a taste of things to come: "I'm excited about spending the Summer down here in Miami. Doing me. And just going crazy. Wilding out. Hooking up with girls. Dancing. And just pretty much outdoing The Situation." Uh oh.

By the end of the episode, Ronnie was in creep mode. Luckily the guys were at a club filled with strippers, as well as grenades and land mines. Don't know what a grenade or land mine is? Watch this video of the crazy club action from last night and The Situation will happily explain his not-so-nice terminology.

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