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Video of Seattle Police Officer Punching Teen Girl

Speed Read! Cop Caught Punching Woman on Tape

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lilegwene lilegwene 7 years
Sloane, I think you're misunderstanding why she was being arrested. If he was arresting them for jaywalking, that would be extreme and I would probably agree with your assessment... at least so far as that he's on a power-trip. That isn't what happened. He was trying to issue her a ticket for jaywalking. He wasn't arresting her for jaywalking. She walked away and (obviously) wanted nothing to do with him. If you don't allow the police officer to serve the ticket (walking/driving away), or don't sign the ticket then most States send you down to the police station. When he started putting her into the car, she resisted. She not only resisted, she flipped out. If you watch it (here's a link to the full video: ) it's obvious he was trying to talk to her, and trying to subdue her, and could not. She was taunting him, calling him "weak." These girls deserve what they got, and that would hold just as true for white girls.
sloane220 sloane220 7 years
Lilgwene, if what you say is true, then how is arresting someone for jaywalking a logical, legal arrest? Get real, no one gets arrested for that. I love that you don’t think that she was black was a factor in why he tried to stop her for jaywalking AT ALL. Oh please. He was arresting her for being rude, which is absurd and not illegal. As I have said, many people don’t like police officers and they fomented an atmosphere of disrespect and hostility with the way they treat people of color. Since a lot of people fear the police, not respect them, the dislike is going to manifest itself as some point, even through the fear. He should’ve have given her a ticket and LET IT GO. Or hell, if she really was walking away, he could’ve just let her walk away, because jaywalking is just a violation anyway. Then he wouldn’t have worried about his little power trip turning against him, trying to arrest someone for jaywalking in the middle of a crowd, who by the way WASN’T INTERFERING. He put himself in that situation. He is an adult police officer, and they are teenagers. Who do you think had more responsibility for their behavior here? POLICE OFFICERS, who are civil servants that work for US, have training on how to handle rude people, communicating affectively with citizens, and diffusing situations. Not to mention RESTRAINING PEOPLE. TEENAGERS DON’T. He used none of his training and resorted acting like he was in a street brawl/boxing match and punching this girl with a closed fist. He doesn’t need to be policing anyone.
sloane220 sloane220 7 years
@ spacekat- well thank you for being open enough to listen.
sloane220 sloane220 7 years
@spacekat- i do think you're privileged in this sense because you are white, and because you grew up in an affluent neighborhood. police behave in a more civilized manner in afluent white neighborhoods. with people of color, no matter where they are, cops tend to discriminate against them. i grew up in a middle class mixed neighborhood, and honestly i've never had a personal issue with the police, but EVERY single male in my family has, including my younger teenage brother. pretty much every black family, no matter how rich they are, makes it a point to have a discussion with their sons about the police, and how to behave themselves when encountering them so they don't end up arrested or dead. do many white families HAVE to have this kind of discussion or even think about the police as a threat? i agree it is better to be polite with ANYONE, particularly the police, but police officers can't go around arresting people for being rude because a lot of people don't like them in the first place and it's going to manifest itself. they need to be able to let rude behavior go, because they're not gods and a lot of people don't respect them, and the police fomented that attitude with their extralegal behavior. they are supposedly screened to make sure they can keep a level head and think logically enough not violate somone's rights, and they have training on how to diffuse situations and communicate with citizens. if an officer pulls this kind of crap, despite all his training, then he's not a good officer and shouldn't be a cop.
lilegwene lilegwene 7 years
These things probably won't affect anyone's opinion about whether this was justified or not, but I think they should. 1) The area where this took place is a busy intersection on a 5-lane road where jaywalking is a real problem. The school nearby (Franklin High) requested additional police presence to curb the jaywalking, presumably because they were tired of scraping students off the cement. 2) In addition to increased police presence, a pedestrian overpass was built not 1/2 block away from where this girl or group was jaywalking (you can see it in the video). 3) When the cop asked to speak with the girl in the dark shirt, she immediately started walking in the other direction, which is why the cop went after her. 4) When the girl in the dark shirt acted like a complete idiot and resisted a perfectly legal arrest, her friend assaulted him; while he is alone in an increasingly contrary crowd. White, black, it doesn't matter. Is this how you would've acted? What would you expect to happen?
sloane220 sloane220 7 years
@honeybrown19- not with me. i have a healthy distrust of the police, like many people of color, and THEY fomented the atmosphere of hostility and distrust by pulling sh*t like this.
sloane220 sloane220 7 years
imagine if this was miley cyrus and taylor swift, who are about the same age as the girls here, or any two other white teenage girls. would this officer be prone to launch back and punch one of them with a closed fist in the same situation? this jackass obviously felt the stigma of hitting a teenage girl was lowered in this case, because the girl was black, and because he felt he had the law on his side. he is an officer supposedly trained in community relations, diffusing a situation, and restraining people. he used NONE of his training and resorted to punching a girl in the face. he is not fit to be policing ANYONE. i encourage everyone to follow the jezebel link and read the comments with people discussing their ecounters with power hungry officers and racist police officers.
chillchic chillchic 7 years
After watching several times, my opinion didn't change. He was wrong, wrong, wrong. Pushing her, grabbing her, calling for backup fine. But to haul off and deck her like no no. He croosed the line from just doing his job. This was personal. He was mad and reacted like a person does when they are mad. Which would be fine, except for the fact that he's a cop. He should have acted WAY more responsibly. If he gets fired, it's his own fault. Another thing, I have jay walked IN FRONT OF COPS, many many times. I've never gotten so much of a warning. That's because normal people who are not on power trips don't really give a crap. He used his position to try and intimidate someone and when it didn't work, he snapped. This is why so many cops get a bad rep. I know, because I'm one of those people who is always spreading the word about cops and how bad/evil/corrupt so many officers are. One again, my point is proven.
HoneyBrown1976 HoneyBrown1976 7 years
Yep, Sloane. That's the upside. She didn't get shot. But, of course, the cop was just doing his job and gets the benefit of the doubt.
sloane220 sloane220 7 years
why am i not shocked that this girl was black? first of all, who the hell gets arrested for jaywalking? the reality that black people are more likely to be arrested while doing ANYTHING, including walking (walking while black), is illustrated by this situation. and we also can’t ignore that the police force has a habit of attracting violent, power hungry, sociopaths who like the fact that they are given license to get away with a multitude of things the average person wouldnt( like the off duty cop who shot at people for hitting his car with snowballs). These two things contribute to why we have overcrowding in jails, and why people of color tend disproportionately represent prison populations. people get arrested for the most trivial and ridiculous things because a police officer feels like going on a power trip. police officers aren't gods, if she was being belligerent when the officer was discussing jaywalking with her, all he had to do was give her a ticket and let her be on her way. Getting arrested for jaywalking is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. What she obviously got arrested for was talking back and possibly being rude, while being black. and most men in society know better then to purposefully launch back and punch a woman in dead the face in ANY situation because men are generally stronger then women. most men i know would restrain a woman. as an officer, this jackass knows more about restraining someone then the average person, so why the hell didn’t he do that? It is not like she was punching HIM, she was pushing him away. Maybe he felt less compunction about punching the hell out of a black face, it didn’t matter if it was a woman’s. either way, he doesn’t need to be an officer working with the public. I wouldn’t trust him in my neighborhood. I guess the upside is that he didn’t shoot her, like many other officers have shot unarmed black people.
zeze zeze 7 years
..arrested for jaywalking? I kinda of think the officer went looking for trouble and wanted to let out some anger... That said, as for the LEGAL issues alone...Yes the officer should know better then to respond with a punch to the face of a teen girl...he should be trained to know better...but was he acting unreasonably enough to warrant formal reprimand given how aggressive the girls were behaving - I'd say no. His boss needs to give him a few days off to think about it his quick trigger before his issues cause a literal quick trigger next time.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
I agree with most everyone here. Should the cop have punched this young lady? No. Was some sort of force necessary to contain her? Yes. I think it's silly to say "all she did was push him." Oh, that's all? She forcefully pushed him and, based on how it appears on the video, she began the physical part of their confrontation. Now, my knowledge of specific rules governing police behavior in general (and specifically, in Seattle) is limited, but it seems to me that there should be some sort of repercussions for this officer's behavior, perhaps additional training as suggested, but I think some of the reaction I've seen over this (people calling for his badge and suggesting he and city owe the girl copious amounts of money) is ridiculous. In the end, I agree with skg, being a cop is dangerous (and is often a thankless job). We don't know what beat this particular cop normally patrols. It's quite possible that he's seen teenage girls acting quite violently in the past, and, in being forced to very quickly assess the situation, determined that some level of force was necessary in order to maintain his own level of safety. On a side note, I always get so annoyed when people get mad at cops for giving tickets for jaywalking, talking on cell phones while driving, etc. Yes, I'm sure we have all broken one of these seemingly minor laws at one point or another (like going over the speed limit while driving). But, that doesn't mean that the police shouldn't enforce these laws. They exist for a reason!
lilegwene lilegwene 7 years
I agree with Spacekatgal. Jaywalking charge isn't silly in a lot of cases. Have you ever been to Michigan Avenue in Chicago? It is incredibly dangerous and frustrating to drive because of all the jaywalkers! That being said, we don't get to see the actual jaywalking. I surmise that if the ladies had crossed when there weren't any cars/danger, all they'd have to do to get out of the ticket is "I'm really sorry officer. I will use the designated crossing areas next time, sir." Apologize, show some respect. Otherwise suck it up and take the ticket. They did one of the worst things possible in being confrontational and resisting arrest. He shouldn't have punched but they initiated, he was overwhelmed ,and the situation was getting progressively out of hand. He should have tased them. Even though I consider tasing worse, it is an accepted form of control.
Vanonymous Vanonymous 7 years
I think this guy is on a power trip. He was arresting her for J-WALKING! It should have never gotten this out of hand. He should not have been so rough with the first girl, and the second girl was trying to protect her friend. She literally just pulls his hands off of the other girl, and pushes him away from them. She does not throw a punch or kick or anything. This does not warrant a punch in the face. I don't think its a fair comparison to say "I would have wanted to do that too" because this man's job (paid for by our taxes) is to protect the general public. He should be dealing with these scenarios day in and day out and know how to control himself. If he can't control himself, he's not cut out for the job.
skigurl skigurl 7 years
I think this should affect training and he should have some repurcussion BUT like spacekatgal said, the guy was trying to do his job (maybe a little agressively) but still these girls were out of control. She deserved to be detained, I just think that he maybe took it a little far by actually winding up and cranking her in the face, which is why I think it's just a training thing, where he should be taught other ways to deal with difficult people. Anyway, I would have wanted to crank her in the face too. She broke the law and then continued to be absolutely belligerent and up in his face.
LikeThoseShoes LikeThoseShoes 7 years
understandable that she should def. get in trouble for her actions. but i dont believe that he should have punched her in the face.
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