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Video of Sister Wives on Today Show

4 Sister Wives Share Their System on Today

The stars of the new TLC show Sister Wives stopped by the Today Show this morning to teach the public about polygamy. When asked how he pulls it off, husband Cody smiles and points to the sky — he thanks God for his four wives, and clearly Cody's living the good life. As for the wives, they admit they get jealous. How do they deal with it? They "get over" themselves. They also schedule days for alone time and intimacy. So could they make the system work with another husband? In response to that question, Cody sits silent, while the wives say that would never happen.

But I think the best part of the interview comes toward the end of this video. When asked if they worry that their 16 children will have a problem dealing with reality TV infamy, I can't help but think: "That's the least of their problems." Even so, I'm intrigued by the show, and I'll try to keep an open mind.

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