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Have You Ever Turned Down a Marriage Proposal?

Good times never looked so bad in this mortifying video making the rounds. This young man proposes to his girlfriend while a guitar player strums "Sweet Caroline" (thankfully, that's her name) to a spontaneous singalong in a mall food court. I won't tell you the rest, but let's just say it ends with the audio catching a woman saying, "The Cinnabon lady said she'd marry him."

We've talked about public proposals before, and the majority of you said you'd say yes in the moment and work it out later. Although I know someone who said yes, because she didn't want to say no, and ended up married in a year and divorced in three. All before 26!

So whether it was you or someone you know (sign out if you want to comment anonymously), tell us about a marriage proposal that ended in "no," public or private. Give us the dirty details, too — what went through your mind and what happened afterward. I bet it happens more than we think!

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