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Vintage Broomsticks Pants Ad

Flashback: Casual Friday Gone Wrong

They sure had an odd way of advertising pants back in the day (the '60s?).

Let's feature a woman in her underwear surrounded by guys wearing Broomsticks brand pants. (Broomsticks?!) The copy underneath the picture suggests that the "play" at work that Broomsticks pants inspire involves sexually harassing "Rosie. Or Carol. Or Eleanor, etc." (You know women — all equally harassable and interchangeable, especially when practically naked at work.) As one blogger put it, "Broomsticks. Your gang-rapey pants." Yowza. To see the complete ad,

"The Game Is Broomsticks. Ring around Rosie. Or Carol. Or Eleanor, etc. Fun. But you can only play if you wear Broomsticks slacks. Hopsacks, twists, flannels in blends of Acrilan and rayon for permanently pressed good looks. Play styles. Game colors. To help make you a winner. But if you don’t want to play our way — take off our pants and go home."

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Pistil Pistil 7 years
Yeah, Rosie. Quit crying, it's fun! haha
PrincessLtrain PrincessLtrain 7 years
I don't know, Rosie, or Carol, or Eleanor looks like she's having a pretty good time.
hartsfull hartsfull 7 years
Wow really disturbing. I don't think the fashion industry has changed much though in their influence on sexuality department. Maybe they don't give the impression that a gang rape is fun so much anymore but, they do give young teenagers bad examples. Just look at a teen vogue or cosmo girl and even the first couple pages of ads are still disturbing. :oops: Sorry that turned into a real rant. I've been irritated with my 14 year old daughters magazines that I subscribed for her lately. :sigh: Yeah, I should have looked at the mags better first!
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
Oh my! That ad is aggressive! "To help make you a winner. But if you don’t want to play our way — take off our pants and go home".
Pistil Pistil 7 years
How do you play 'Broomsticks' exactly? I'll keep my pants on, thank you. What a creepy way to sell pants.
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