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Vintage Ponds Cold Cream Ad From 1969

Mad Men: Pond's Cold Cream For Marriage

Last night's Mad Men was all about rejection, so let's talk about one of the less-obvious rejects: Peggy and Don's push for a new big idea on an old product, Pond's Cold Cream.

Old man and copywriting relic Freddy Rumsen says, in the episode two weeks ago, tell women there are engagement rings at the bottom of Pond's Cold Cream jars, and they will come with hopes, mirrors, and money in handbags. Peggy's insulted for her and embarrassed for him, and suggests they should focus on the indulgence of using the cream.

This week Sterling Cooper Draper Price brought in Dr. "It's a Woman" Miller from market research to settle the midcentury marriage-vs.-indulgence debate. Research says? Women just want to get married.


We don't know what idea will win out on Mad Men, but women gush about getting married in this Pond's Cold Cream commercial from 1969 (albeit Australia). Maybe Freddy Rumsen is back in the game? For now.

Watch it below.

Of course, Peggy's forward-thinking ultimately wins out. Pond's Cold Cream now targets the 40-plus market and touts the experience with copy like "Pond's is dedicated to bringing the pleasure back into face care."

Photo courtesy of AMC

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Studio16 Studio16 7 years
I actually thought the engagement ring in the bottom of the jar idea was cute! A little sexist, sure, but just sugary enough that most women will eat it up. And that commercial was disturbing. For starters, she didn't really sound Australian so much as she sounded like an American faking an Australian accent.
Pistil Pistil 7 years
Ack, the first 5 seconds of that clip look straight out of a horror movie. Maarvin!
marcied23 marcied23 7 years
wow...just wow.
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