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Volvo's 2020 Vision: Death-Proof Cars

Volvo's 2020 Vision: Death-Proof Cars

Volvo has launched a plan to eradicate deaths of Volvo drivers involved in accidents by 2020. Every year car accidents cause 1.2 million deaths and 50 million injuries. The Swedish car company already has ignitions that turn off when the driver is drunk, and sensors that sound alarms when they detect drowsiness.

After they eradicate death in their cars, Volvo will move onto accidents in general. By turning the car into one giant bumper, and expanding "smart engine" capabilities, Volvos will think for the driver, hopefully avoiding accidents.

Will consumers gravitate toward a car that guarantees to be death-free? Should buyers get a cut in insurance rates? Should governments invest more in this type of research, or is this an example of how the private sector is sometimes better at solving problems? How much would you pay for one of these buggies?


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