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What the world needs now, is love, sweet love. Oh, yeah. And cute little girls with Hello Kitty t-shirts and semi-automatic weapons. Geez, Louise!


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spillingvoid spillingvoid 10 years
We did that kinda stuff with my little sis for years. She graduated valedictorian from her high school couple years ago and is doing just fine now.... Of course her first pet was a pig and we(my siblings) all grew up on a farm 30 mins from the nearest town.
grl-in-the-world grl-in-the-world 10 years
Gee, that kid has FANTASTIC parents, I'm SURE she'll turn out completely normal... (note the sarcasm!!)
XDeexDeeX XDeexDeeX 10 years
Wow....that's a great infuence for the kid..Great influence. lol
lesocialite lesocialite 10 years
i think i know that girl. and i'm not even kidding.
superjules superjules 10 years
Sweet Fancy Moses! She just looks so darn happy. I wonder if her bedroom is decorated in a Cinderella goes lynching motif?
GiggleSugar GiggleSugar 10 years
Yes, Flippy, we did. Tres disturbing.
flippy flippy 10 years
um, did anyone notice that the hello kitty has a rifle too??
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