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Young people (and some adulterers) in Japan are sh*t out of luck when it comes to places to get it on — besides their parents' houses! So where can they do the horizontal mambo with some privacy? In rent-by-the-hour Japanese love hotels like this Hello Kitty S&M Japanese love hotel that comes with a Hello Kitty plush doll wearing a ball gag, blind fold, and barbed wire garter belts. (Oh, dear.) Interested in this? Then


If the Hello Kitty S&M love hotel doesn't sound weird enough for you, how about the Hotel Adonis with rooms that feature a glow-in-the-dark jelly fish, a prison cell, and a high school classroom? My favorite part of this article is when the journalist lists who frequents these hotels: "...young unmarried couples who live with their families, married couples who may live in very tight quarters with family, couples in extramarital affairs, prostitutes with their customers, and Kelly Osbourne." Hahahaha! Nice list, guys!

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