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This is disgusting. Not only do Bratz dolls look like tiny little street walkers, their clothes have sexually suggestive messages on them! This Orlando mom was furious when her daughter asked why her Girlz Really Rock! Bratz doll Cloe was wearing a belt that said "Enter." She asked her mother what she was supposed to do! The belt is in the shape of a car's safety belt, and the Bratz customer service rep bullsh*t artist she spoke to assured her that's what a safety belt says. (Actually, it says "press.") C'mon, people. Even if that's what they really said, you guys know that is not an appropriate message on an already skanky looking doll's belt marketed to children! Aaaaargh! Throw down your Bratz dolls, little girls, and pick up a guitar, or a kitten. This sleazy doll isn't worth your time.

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