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Want to Be Alone? Six Micronations Where That's Possible

I can't for the life of me remember which thread we started talking about Petoria (cabaker27? You were there. . . any ideas?) But! The universe was listening! I just came across this roundup of micronations, just like our good friend Peter turned his house into on The Family Guy.

  • Sealand: Is located about six miles from the coast of Suffolk, England in international waters. It has its own national anthem, flag, currency and passports.The heads of Sealand (formerly a WWII fort) call themselves the Prince and Princess of Sealand.
  • Kugelmugel: Perhaps the most like Petoria, Kugelmugel is located in Vienna and when an artist and Austrian authorities began feuding over building permits for his house. Independence was declared.

There's more, and they just get weirder. To see them,


  • Principality of Seborga: This one's an oldie. Some say it goes back to 954, located in Italy. Through a whole series of overlooked sales and redistricting, the tiny nation was adrift. The head of this one is known as “Your Tremendousness” or “your Terrificness”. Sweet.
  • Elleore: On the east coast of Denmark, this island has its own stamps, coins, and time zone — 12 minutes ahead of Danish clocks.
  • The Kingdom of Lovely: Actually a flat in London, it was documented in a series called How to Start Your Own Country.
  • Talossa: This could be the strangest one. It seems to include a bedroom in Milwaukee, WI, a French Island, and part of Antarctica? This one you'll just have to read to believe.

I'm beyond fascinated and dreaming up names for my own sovereign land, though "end of the couch-ville" or "StairMaster-island" somehow aren't cutting it. What would you call yours? What kind of government would you set up?


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